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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Glenn operation - Day 4

We moved to the 8th floor yesterday around 5 pm. We kind of had a long night last night because eveytime one of the nurses came in to take vitals, give Tylenol, etc. Addie woke up and was MAD. It would take a while to get her back to sleep so it seemed like we were up all night. It is kind of funny (or sad) because anytime she hears another person's voice in the room she immediately starts crying. Once they leave, she is fine. I don't blame her! She is ready to be left alone. Dr. Forbess came by and seemed pleased with Addie's progress. He mentioned that the Norwood (Addie's first surgery) is an epic battle for everyone involved, but the Glenn is just "work." Usually a lot easier, in other words. We have definitely felt that way.  The plan is to get her pacer wires out tomorrow morning and be home in the afternoon. Woohoo!!

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