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Friday, October 26, 2012

Glenn operation - Day 2

We are still in the CVICU, and will most likely be here tonight. Addie is doing wonderfully. They took out her breathing tube at about 12:30 am. They started feeding her clears about 5 am this morning and she has had 8 oz of formula since then. She is handling the formula well and actually seems pretty hungry. Her blood pressure has been a bit high according to one of her lines so they started a medicine called nicardipine to lower it, but she is no longer on it. Her cuff blood pressure is reading better so they think her line might not be accurate. The only medication she is currently taking is Tylenol and toradol (anti-inflammatory, pain reliever).  They are removing the central line in her neck in the next hour and the dressing on her chest will also come off today. We can hold her once the line in her neck is out. Yay!!! She has been awake today and seems comfortable. She has been kicking around and hasn't been really cranky. This surgery has been so different from the last one. Things are moving so much more quickly! Scott and I  got some pretty good sleep last night, and both feel well rested today. Thanks again for all the prayers and support!

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