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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glenn Operation - Day 1

8:10 am - My heart was heavy this morning as we sent Addie off. They are getting all her anesthesia and lines ready right now and will update us in about an hour.

9:45 am - It took awhile to get Addie's IV's started, but they have made the incision and she is doing well.

10:40 am - Addie is on bypass now. They are about to start the repair. She is doing good.

11:50 am - Addie is out of surgery, and everything went as planned. We are about to get to see her. We will post more updates after we see her and are settled in.

9:50 pm - Addie has been resting comfortably in the CVICU since about noon today. We were greeted by one of our favorite nurses, Katie, upon arrival here. So glad to have a sweet, familiar face for the first few hours! Addie hasn't gotten her breathing tube out yet but hopefully soon. She is really sleepy so they are just waiting for her to wake up so they can take it out. It has been a long, emotional day, but we are so glad to be on this side of surgery. Dr. Forbess stopped by and was really pleased with how Addie wasn't too swollen, how pink she is, and with her sats. They are running low 90s. They are keeping her pain under control, and she seems to be very comfortable. Hoping for a good night's rest for everyone.

Thanks be to GOD! Thank you all for your prayers and support.


  1. You are so wrapped in prayers, sweet friends. We had an alarm set this morning for 6 and 8:15 this morning. Love you both.

  2. Praying for your sweet family Camille & Scott.