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Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 months!

Addie was 5 months old on the 16th. My how time has flown. Addie, you are still the best baby. So calm and happy 99% of the time. Smiling at anyone and laughing a lot. You love your big sister so very much, and she loves you too. Your face lights up when Ellie walks in the room and you don't stop grinning until she leaves your sight. Your feet and hands have become your favorite toys. You play with them constantly. You are also pretty fond of your Sophie giraffe. I keep thinking you are getting a tooth because you chew on her so much! Haven't found one yet though. You can sit momentarily without support, drag objects towards yourself, and always turn towards new sounds and voices. What a precious joy you are, Sweet Adeline! 

We had our last clinic appointment today before Addie's surgery next week. Everything went perfectly, and we are good to go for next week as long as Addie stays well. Lots to thank God for today: Addie had a leaky valve that is no longer leaking because of the collateral that was recently plugged in her cath, her last holter showed no pre-excitement which means she might be growing out of her SVT(this is a big one), and she is 13 lbs 3 oz. All in all, a great appointment! 

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