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Friday, August 3, 2012

Clinic and speech

Addie had clinic this past Tuesday at Children's and an outpatient speech therapy evaluation at Our Children's House at Baylor. Her clinic appointment went great this week. We had an EKG and an Echo. Her EKG looked good. The Long QT her EKG showed last time was normal this time. Dr. Ikemba said that she thought the last one was a computer error and that the computer measured it wrong. Thank goodness!  Her Echo also looked fabulous according to Dr.Ikemba. Addie has a leaky valve and it keeps improving every Echo she has. Addie was so sweet this week when we went. She was talking to and smiling at all the nurses and people that came to see her! Pretty precious. 

The speech therapy evaluation went a lot better than I expected. I was expecting this to be added on our list of weekly doctor's appointments, but it will not be. Woot!! We met with a speech therapist, occupational therapist and a nutritionist. They all agreed that Addie looked great and didn't recommend therapy at this point.  The speech therapist watched Addie eat from a bottle and said she looked wonderful. This has definitely been one of our blessings. Usually heart kids have a hard time learning to eat and gaining weight, but this has not been the case for Addie. She will have a swallow study in the next couple of weeks to see if she is still aspirating milk. Dr. Brenski (the ENT doctor) said that her right vocal cord is compensating for her paralyzed left one so I am hoping that this is keeping her from any aspiration. We will see in a couple weeks. If she isn't aspirating anymore, we would be able to stop thickening feeds and I would hope increase feed time. The occupational therapist said all her motor skills looked great and commented how well she was holding her head up. We are working pretty hard to keep her on track developmentally so she doesn't fall behind when she is in the hospital. 

All in all, a pretty good week for Sweet Adeline! 

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