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Sunday, July 29, 2012

ENT follow up

Addie had her ENT follow up Friday. Not sure if everyone remembers, but the day before we got discharged from Children's, Addie was diagnosed with a paralyzed vocal cord. Scott and I were both positive it was repairing itself because Addie is so much louder. She is no longer hoarse and sounds like a normal baby. Unfortunately, our ENT doctor, Dr. Brenski, informed us that it has not begun repair.  We also found out Addie has some edema (swelling) on her working vocal cord. I was pretty devastated.  Dr. Brenski said not to give up hope though because 1/3 of patients start repairing by 3 months, and 1/2 by 6 months. The repair percentage goes down after that. Dr. Brenski increased Addie's Prevacid dose to 2x per day in hopes of stopping any spit up to decrease the swelling on her vocal cord. She also decreased the amount of time she can eat from a bottle to 10 minutes to hopefully prevent any aspiration. I think I was so bummed because a repaired vocal cord means more time eating from a bottle which means less time with the NG (feeding) tube. 

Please pray specifically for Addie's vocal cord to start repair. We go back for a follow up in December so I pray we will find out good news then. 

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  1. I'm praying for that precious baby girl...and you....and Scott ..... and Ellie!