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Sunday, July 15, 2012

For my mom

We miss you so much already! For the past 2 months you were a regular part of our day to day lives. I never thought I would have that opportunity again. These are not the circumstances I would have ever wanted you to be around for, but I am so glad you were here to help and nurture. Not only did you nurture Ellie and make sure she was ok, but you also nurtured me. You are one amazing mama!  I got teary eyed today when Ellie asked, "Where's Mimi?" I told her you were in Spearman, and all she said was, "I need her." I was thinking the same thing. It makes my heart so happy that Ellie loves you that much! For the 29 days we were in the hospital, I never worried about how Ellie was doing. I was so grateful it was you staying with her. I knew she was having a good time, but most of all, I knew she was being loved and getting attention Scott and I couldn't give. There were days in the hospital that you stayed overnight so Scott and I could come home and get a good nights rest. We will forever be grateful for the time you spent here and loved on our whole family. We love you, Meems!

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  1. I am so proud of the way you and Scott have handled yoursevles - the way you thought out the proper solutions and the strength you used. You are very capable of leading your own lives, but I loved every minute of the last 2 months. You are a wonderful person and beautiful daughter. I love being your mother and Ellie's and Adeline's Mimi!