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Monday, July 9, 2012

A new perspective

This weekend was tough. Bringing Addie home has been the toughest on Ellie. I never really had to discipline her much before Addie came home. Now, I feel like all I do is say, "No," and put her in time out. She has really been acting out lately. Also, our bedtime routine is non-existent anymore. Ellie stays up most nights until 11 refusing to be rocked or do anything besides watch and play the iPad. Scott and I are both struggling how to remedy this newfound resistance of Ellie's, and it is really putting a strain on everything. Also, we had to take Addie to the ER on Saturday. Around 6 pm I noticed she was kind of blue around her mouth so I text the Safe at Home nurse practioner to ask if we needed to bring her in. They told us to go ahead and bring her in so she could be evaluated. By the time we left, her color was normal, but I got a little scared. Things I normally don't think about started going through my mind and I immediately started crying before we left. She ended up checking out fine at the ER, but I do forget sometimes how serious Addie's condition is. I found myself feeling sorry for myself, our family, and especially Addie. I was also just mad. This whole situation really ticks me off sometimes, and it isn't easy. I have a hard time staying home all day most days and get really tired of rushing Addie to the ER, dealing with medicines, feeding tubes, doctor appointments, etc. I especially hate all of this for Addie.

At church yesterday, Scott Dickison, one of Wilshire's pastoral residents and a friend of ours, did the children's moment. He gave all the kids "church" glasses. He reminded all the kids that they needed to have their church glasses on and view things the way God intended them to be. He said to put these glasses on when you are down and in need of a new perspective. I am putting my "church" glasses on and am determined to find a new perspective this week. We are all home together and are mostly healthy. We have great friends and family, and have had God's loving arms wrapped around us for the last 2 months. These are reasons to be rejoicing for sure!


  1. Sweet Camille - I can't imagine how hard this is on you and I would be so mad about it and so scared too at times. Please know you're in our prayers and thoughts constantly and you and your family are loved.

  2. Hi Camille,
    Thank you for sharing these open and honest feelings. This is a hard place to be but exactly where God wants us. Continuing to pray for healing and peace each day...