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Thursday, July 5, 2012

7 weeks

Addie was 7 weeks old yesterday. She is such a sweet and happy baby. I feel like she is totally different from Ellie....she doesn't cry much and is super laid back. She is also a great sleeper (right now anyway). We have started doing a little tummy time and have started holding her like you would when you normally burp a baby. She seems pretty strong and does a good job holding her head up. I still don't pick her up under her arms, even though we can now. She had sternal precautions until 6 weeks after her surgery, which was July 2. She had a check up on her wound at the top of her incision on Tuesday of this week. Everything looked fine, and they are just going to keep watching it. It keeps scabbing and falling off, scabbing and falling off, etc. They said it will keep doing that until the suture finally works itself all the way out. We have her regular cardiology appointment next Tuesday and it will be a long one with an ECHO, EKG, X-ray, and labs.

I feel like I am finally getting the hang of most things at home. I keep saying this, but I don't know how the days are going to go without my mom here. She is leaving in a couple weeks, and I will be on my own during the week. It is so time consuming to pump, then feed Addie, then clean everything, administer medicines, etc. that I am really concerned how it is all going to work out when I am by myself. I feel like something is going to have to give and that might be pumping, which is really kind of upsetting. I guess we will see how it works out when I am on my own though. Hopefully I can keep it all up!

Yesterday my mom and I took Ellie to the Lake Highlands July 4th parade, and then Scott and I took her to watch the Lakewood fireworks. We got a couple really cute pictures of the girls in their July 4 outfits.

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