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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update x2

On a much more positive note than the last post, Addie had clinic today. No EKG, ECHO, X-Ray or labs. Just an exam. It was a pretty quick visit, and Addie looked great. All the nurses love her, and one of the doctors even said she might be the cutest baby she has ever seen. Surely she doesnt say that to everyone! :) She is pretty stinkin cute. 


  1. She is gorgeous! Love that sweet smile & (as you can tell from pics of HG) I LOVE headbands & bows. ;) Praying for you all, especially Addie. Glad to hear she had a visit with exam only. God is SO awesome, He's giving her & your sweet family an amazing testimony to share because He knows you are capable & willing to spread His good news. :)