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Sunday, January 29, 2012

What's in a Name

As you might remember, we named our Adeline after my mom's Grandma. My Grandma was kind enough to send us some notes about the Adelines in my family. She was especially pleased that Scott and I chose a name that was very close to her heart. Hopefully Addie will enjoy reading this as much as I did. By the way, we picked a middle name. It's Camille. :)

Below are some highlights of what she wrote about each lady.

Mary Adeline Teeter McDorman (1856-1907)

-Always called "Addie."
-Mother of 7.
-1/4 Cherokee Indian (Granddaughter of Sarah Santee, a Cherokee from N.C.)
-Reported to be "full of fun and full of music."
-She was a "very strong lady physically and morally."

Inez Adeline McDorman Taylor (1890-1962) - Adeline Camille's namesake

-A strong lady - mentally, morally and physically (and musically).
-Gave birth to 11 children (10 daughters & 1 son).
-Married to James Leroy (Roy) Taylor for 52 years.
-Attended Tehuacana College ("Normal" school) a Methodist Protestant College in Tehuacana, Texas (near Waco) graduating with "an emphasis on business."  She attended college when most women only went through the 8th grade.
-Her home was always full of children - her own plus friends and relations.
-Besides her own she raised 2 of her husband's nieces (Joann & Frances) and kept her own nephew and niece (Binks & Marjorie). And during WWII kept 2 grandsons (John & Joe Ligon) for about 2 years. And remained happy and uncomplaining!
-She made all of her own and her daughter's clothes - commenting that her sewing machine was never closed for 40 years.
-Her house was also always filled with the aroma of fresh baked bread as she baked almost every day.
-She canned for herself & others ("on shares") as she had both a "canner" and a "sealer" for cans.
-Attended (with children in tow) church every Sunday.
-Started the nursery at Robert Lee Methodist church as a service to young parents.
-Was "Room Mother" to all her children, helping host at least 4 holiday parties in each child's room each year (seemed other mothers didn't have the time (?!) or the money (?!))
-Started the local Girl Scout Troop.
-Played piano, violin, accordian, guitar, mandolin and anything else available.
-Taught piano and violin.
-When asked how she managed to rear 10 daughters - all healthy, intelligent, married and having no "out of wedlock" pregnancies, she replied, "We had a lot of help from God and the Methodist Church."
-Wrote to all her children on a regular basis - type-written and utilizing carbon copies.
-Her comment on what heaven would be like, "I can't tell you for sure, but there is one thing you can be sure of - it will be far greater than anything you ever could have imagined."

And that is a small picture of a great person - Inez Adeline McDorman Taylor, Mrs. Roy Taylor, Grandma Nickey, Mom, Mother.

Some awful big shoes to fill.  I just pray Adeline Camille can be half the woman they were. 


  1. Reading about her brings tears to my eyes! What an amazing woman and should be an inspiration to all of us as women and as mothers. I may have to come back and reread this often. Amazing.

  2. So precious, Camille. What an inspiring legacy!