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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Scott and I wanted to express how grateful we are for those people who are praying for us. We are also so thankful for those of you who have kept Ellie or offered to keep Ellie over the last 5 weeks while we go to doctor's appointments. The last 5 weeks have felt like an eternity and have been so trying for our little family. Please continue to pray for Adeline, our family, and all the doctors as we continue our journey. Maybe the doctors will be spared, and Adeline's heart will be fixed before she arrives. We can always hope!
My faith was renewed a little yesterday as I sat in noon prayer with a good friend. I met a wonderful group of girls over a year ago that have enriched my life greatly. They asked me to attend noon prayer at their church one day this week and they would keep Ellie while I went with one of them. It was an hour full of prayer and worship. At the end of the service, their youth pastor prayed for Adeline and my family. It always amazes me how many people know our story and have been praying for us over the last 5 weeks. Their youth pastor mentioned that he had been praying for us for awhile and that it was good to finally put a face with a prayer. I was reminded that we don't always immediately know what God plans for us, and miracles do happen. Our miracle might not be that Adeline is healed before birth, but that she lives a full life. Lately I have been having a hard time not focusing on my fear, and I was incredibly grateful yesterday to be reminded there is hope.
Thank you!

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  1. We love all of you so much! You do have so many people praying for your family. The power of prayer is amazing!