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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Next big step

So after rounds this morning Camille and I went home to play with Ellie a bit, take showers and change clothes. It was nice to be back home if even for a couple of hours. One of the many great nurses we have had here, Jen, called and told us that the surgeon was running a little faster than expected on his schedule today and that we needed to return pretty soon to see Addie before they started her chest closure. We got back just in time. Donned some surgical caps and masks and were able to step in and see, talk and even touch Addie's hand before the procedure. The chest closure should only take about an hour. We are even more convinced now in the power of prayer getting Addie to this stage quickly and in good shape so keep them coming.


  1. Love you guys and thinking about you!!!

  2. Andrew and I are praying for you all.