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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweet Mimi

My sweet Mom, or Mimi as she is known to all her grandkids, sent me this little note in hopes of "guest blogging." Love her and this!

Sweet Adeline! – I love her name … I love her cute profile in her ultrasound pictures … I love her parents … I love her big sister … I love everything about her!  I have a necklace with charms that have each grandchild’s name.  I decided to order Adeline’s charm.  When ordering,  I just typed in her name and clicked  “submit order” – no special instructions.  Hers came with a perfect little heart engraved on the back!


  1. Love this! That is so amazing that hers came back with a little heart on the back. Love you girls.

  2. How precious are those charms, those babies here and not here yet <3

  3. I love this! Those charms are so sweet, and how perfect for Adeline... that's amazing.

  4. How sweet and precious! It gave me goosebumps seeing that picture. So amazing!

  5. goosebumps here too! What a fabulous sign!