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Friday, November 9, 2012

Still here

After 3 full days in the hospital there still isn't a definite answer to what is going on. They are still leaning towards bad reflux. They think Addie might have had a virus earlier in the week that might have irritated reflux. Weird since she really has no previous history of reflux. She was on IV fluids and Pedialyte for about 26 hours day before yesterday. We started feeding her formula around noon yesterday and around 5 she started acting the same as she was Tuesday. Uncomfortable and super fussy.  We are definitely going to be in the hospital tonight. I sure hope we get it figured out soon because I am ready for Addie to feel better and for us to get home. My mom is coming today to stay with Ellie so Scott and I can both be here with Addie. Prayers for an answer!

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