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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

4 months!!

Holy smokes, our baby is 4 months!! She looks amazing and is doing amazing. We had a cardiology clinic appointment last Thursday and her 4 month well check yesterday. She checked out well at both places. She only had an x-ray at her clinic appointment and it is still so crazy to see her coiled mammary artery on there. Those platinum coils look bright and huge in her tiny chest. Anyway, I asked a few questions of Dr. Ikemba mostly regarding the next surgery. I asked if we should get an MRI after her surgery to get an idea if her brain was affected at all during surgery. I love Dr. Ikemba because she is so positive. She said this wouldn't be beneficial because of anesthesia risks and would be no indication of how Addie would learn, etc., but I reminded her that this is something that I would like to know in the future if Addie exhibited any signs of delay. We pray that Addie is one of those kids that doesn't have delays (or disablilities) from all her surgeries. At her 4 month well check with our pediatrician, Dr. Linderman, Addie was 25-50% in everything. I looked back in Ellie's baby book and Addie is almost a pound heavier than Ellie at this point. Ellie was a little longer but not much. Addie is on target for everything else (advanced in most things). She got 2 shots and maybe cried 10 seconds. Addie recognizes her name and is a huge fan of her hands and feet. She hasn't rolled over yet, but is still so close. She likes to hang out on her side!  There is a special place in my heart for all of Addie's doctors. I knew Dr. Linderman before I even knew I was pregnant with Addie because she is Ellie's pediatrician. She is an amazing doctor and person. She was so encouraging and had some really kind words to say about our family. We have been so fortunate to have doctors we feel are so personable, comforting, and most of them Christian.

We have a little over a month before Addie's next surgery, the Glenn, on October 25. Please keep our family in your prayers. It is going to be so hard going back to Children's. That place holds so much hope, but it is also the scariest place in the world for me. Right now, I can't imagine being back there. Hopefullly, we will all be prepared for round 2 when it comes time. Until then, we will just be enjoying the happiest babe on the planet!


  1. So happy for you and you are always in our prayers. She looks like a happy happy little baby

  2. Magic Words that bring tears...WELL BABY CHECK!