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Friday, December 30, 2011

Sweet Adeline

Naming a child is an important decision. For us, naming Ellie was really difficult and took us a really long time. It has been even more difficult naming this baby. Everything has been more difficult with this baby. We talk about her so often, Scott and I were ready to give our sweet girl a name. So it has been decided. Adeline it is. Adeline is after my mom's grandma and means noble. Appropriate we thought since one of the definitions of noble is possessing outstanding qualities. Our sweet Adeline is already a blessing!

"You are the flower of my heart, sweet Adeline."

I love that Phish, one of my favorite bands in college, sings "Sweet Adeline," a song from 1903.


  1. Love the name Camille! Praying for sweet Adeline and your beautiful family.