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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cardiology results

Addie's cardiology appointment ended up being rescheduled until January 30 due to the fact that she got sick the week she was originally supposed to go. Our cardiologist, Dr. Ikemba, is the absolute best. She loves our family so very much and is the best doctor for Addie. I always go in there knowing that Addie is getting the best care possible.

Addie is at such a fun age and was being a ham her whole appointment. She is always so happy and really is a joy to be around. She loves people and people love her. She just has a beautiful spirit.

Her oxygen saturations were 89-94. Her X-ray looked great, and she didn't end up having to have an ECHO. Dr. Ikemba listened to her and said she sounded great so wouldn't need one until her next appointment in July. She had a wear a holter moniter (to see if she has any arrhythmia) home and we just got word that everything was normal from that....normal sinus rhythm, nothing slow, no problems. Such great news.

Addie's next appointment, as I mentioned, will be in July. Dr. Ikemba mentioned that we will start talking about Addie's next cath and surgery at that time. I am hoping we can wait until closer to four and a half so we don't have to worry about it for another couple years. Not that I don't think about it almost every day, but it would just be nice if she were older.

Dr. Ikemba and Addie