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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cardiology follow up

Today was Addie's cardiology appointment with Dr. Ikemba. I always get so nervous on these days. I had a headache before we even got there. I was under the impression that Addie was scheduled for a sedated ECHO, but Dr. Ikemba called yesterday and said if everything (sats, weight, EKG) looked ok we would wait until her next appointment to do one.

Addie never ceases to amaze me. She is growing beautifully! She weighed 17 lbs 13 oz, was 27.5 inches long, and her sats were 94!!!! Amazing. Her EKG showed no irregularity, and she is on track developmentally. Several people came to see her this morning and she showed off for everyone. She smiled, laughed, waved and said bye for almost everyone that came by. She came home with a holter monitor on. They are trying to decide whether or not she still needs to be on atenolol. All signs point to no, but this will give them a more certain answer. We go back in 4 months and couldn't feel more blessed with Addie's progress.

Thank you for your prayers and love!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 months

Sweetest Adeline, you are such a joy! This month, you started dancing to music, crawling, said "Mimi," and are very good at rolling a ball back and forth. You are a very good eater! You also went to Sunday School and MOPS for the first time. Joan, Minister to Preschoolers at Wilshire, has been kind enough to offer volunteer help to come sit and play with you by yourself if anyone is sick in your class. She sent us a lot of wonderful pictures of you playing your first day in Sunday School. I finally got to introduce you to my MOPS group a couple weeks ago. Everyone was so glad to see you, they started clapping when I got up to introduce you. You attended your first St. Patty's Day festivities and loved the people watching. You are one loved baby!!! I can't believe you are so close to being one!

We have a cardiology appointment this Thursday and could use some prayers and positive thoughts! Much love!