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Thursday, January 16, 2014

18 months, Christmas & family pictures

It's been awhile. I love to keep this page updated, but don't have a whole lot to write about right now. That feels good!

Addie had her 18 month well check at the first of December with Dr. Linderman. She checked out beautifully and was 32 inches (50-75%) and 21 lbs 2 oz (10-25%). She is exceeding all expectations and is above and beyond all her milestones. She is a rockstar! Addie is getting a synagis injection every month through RSV season. This will be her last year for that. The shots have been pretty terrible this year. She is aware where we are going and starts crying and saying, "Shot hurt legs," as soon as we get in the parking lot. I cry almost every time we have to go. Just something about this being a part of her life right now. All that to say, I am so glad this is the last year for them. We have a follow up cardiology appointment next Thursday and would appreciate your prayers for that. Those are always pretty nerve wracking appointments.

We had Christmas early at our house this year because we spent Christmas in Spearman. Spearman is always such a relaxing break for Scott and me and the girls absolutely love being there. Christmas was so much fun this year. Ellie had a huge list and her joy over her presents was pretty priceless. Addie was also really fun to watch! She loved everything she got.

Britt, my sister Lindsey's husband, took family pictures for us in November. He does some great work, and we got some really good pictures!

2013 turned out to be a pretty great year! Looking forward to all 2014 has to offer. As always, we appreciate you taking time to read our blog and for all your continuing prayers.